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Guerilla Shrooms

After spending one year and three month in the Faroese capital Tórshavn my stay on the islands was nearing its end in June 2021. As this place and its lovely people made my creative practice evolve massively and my soul was really thriving there, I wanted to head out with a last gift to the residents. Inspired my the recent festivities of Game of Shrooms 2021, a once a year worldwide art and seek, leave no trace event created by Atta (Co-founder of @hifructosemag), I decided to drop three guerilla shrooms around Tórshavn city center. Free art has something cathartic for the artist and it is mere joy for the audience. For this project I repurposed wood leftovers of my husbands building projects, sanded them until smooth and painted them with acrylic paint.

SHROOM 1 Acrylic colour on wood, ca. 7,5x1,5x13cm

SHROOM 2 Acrylic colour on wood 7,5x1,5x13cm

SHROOM3 Acrylic colour on wood 4,5x1,5x13cm

Lots of love and shroomssss.

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