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Exhibition: Møðgur – Mutter & Tochter

Faroese for mother and daughter, Møðgur is one word describing a life-long relationship; a connection that the Nordic island-languages Faroese and Icelandic have a special word for. A ‘plurale tantum’ (def. a noun that has no singular form), as such words are called in linguistic studies, that is deeply rooted in and shaped by societal conceptions around family and gender. Mother-daughter-relationships are part of a fundamental discourse around identity and self-perception whilst at the same time being its propulsion.

Ten years after her studio scholarship Jutta Kohlbeck returns to the artist house Andreas-Stadel. Ten years have also passed since Theresa Kohlbeck moved away from Regensburg. Therefore, the exhibition Møðgur – Mutter & Tochter depicts a double coming-home. It explores parallels, disparities and intersections of the two artists’ life’s through a collaborative postcard-installation as well as a contrastive pairing of their work.

Theresa Kohlbeck Jakobsen (non-binary), B.A. Nordic Studies & European Ethnology; raised in Regensburg; lives & works in Berlin again after 1.5 years on the Faroe Islands;

Jutta Kohlbeck (she/her), atelier-scholarship 2011/12 Oswald-Zitzelsberger-Kunst- und Kulturstiftung; certified Buttonmaker & Docent at the VHS Regensburg; lives & works in Regensburg;

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