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Find out more about my submissions to international group exhibitions as well as local solo shows.

Past exhibitions:




Faroese for mother and daughter, Møðgur is one word describing a life-long relationship; a connection that the Nordic island-languages Faroese and Icelandic have a special word for. A ‘plurale tantum’ (def. a noun that has no singular form), as such words are called in linguistic studies, that is deeply rooted in and shaped by societal conceptions around family and gender. Mother-daughter-relationships are part of a fundamental discourse around identity and self-perception whilst at the same time being its propulsion.

A Collaboration with Jutta Kohlbeck.

Ten years after her studio scholarship Jutta Kohlbeck returns to the artist house Andreas-Stadel. Ten years have also passed since Theresa Kohlbeck moved away from Regensburg. Therefore, the exhibition Møðgur – Mutter & Tochter depicts a double coming-home. It explores parallels, disparities and intersections of the two artists’ life’s through a collaborative postcard-installation as well as a contrastive pairing of their work.




Fernisering 26.04 kl 20.
Benjamin Djurhuus og Maria á Lakjuni framføra.

Pinkudreyma.welt er litføgur mixed media listaverkætlanin hjá týsku listakvinnuni Theresu K. Jakobsen. Í sentrum av verkætlanini finna man altíð Varðan og Tjaldursbørkubóndan á einum trærundingi. Til hesar framsýningina eru eisini nakrar akrýl málningar og monoprent við.




This exhibition aims to bring different approaches from a range of cultures together under a common theme. Not only that, the exhibition has the aim to raise money for @bluedragonchildren.
✨🐉✨ Blue Dragon offers children and families in crisis throughout Vietnam the chance to change their situations. Their services include rescue and crisis care for young people in immediate danger. They provide shelter, legal advocacy as well as long term support in returning to school and/or training. BD have rescued 1000 victims of human trafficking and continue to do amazing work.
Thank you to all the artists involved in helping to raise money for a charity that does exceptional work in Vietnam.




Pop-up exhibition at Bjórkovin, Tórshavn
For this exhibition Pinkudreyma.welt teamed up with Bjørg List for a shared show around different forms, experiences and processes of recovery.
I presented a series of 4 dreamworlds, inspired by the topic.
Viđgerđ - Therapy
Stuđul - Support
Afturfall - Relapse (sold)
Frávenjing - Withdrawal




‘Restriction’ is an online exhibition of miniature pieces of art inspired by restrictions of the pandemic.

This exhibition is displayed in a set of old printer’s letterpress drawers, with the drawers’ tiny compartments providing a stimulus for the exhibiting artists.

Inspired by the restrictions many of us have experienced due to Covid-19, more than 200 artists, from around the globe, have produced work for the show, resulting in over 1000 pieces of miniature artworks.

The new works will be exhibited at Clayhill Arts, Bridgwater, Somerset and showcased online via livestream video with the help of Ignite Somerset. 

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