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I am a German creative, who after spending ten years in the noisy party-metropolis Berlin decided to spend a year
off the grid on an archipelago in the centre of the North Atlantic. Exchanging the dirty streets of Germany’s
biggest city with the wild, untamed nature of the Faroe Islands.
After struggling again with alcohol addiction, I created the project @pinkudreyma.welt in July 2020.
It helped me deal with the stresses of ongoing recovery and laid out a path into my third year of sobriety.
The name is a fusion of Faroese and German. It means little dream world.
The motives are taken from the Faroese nature, positioned on a wooden base and transferred into a dream by acrylic
colours, glitter and a glossy finish.
I mostly work in series around a variety of topics and take the titles of the artworks from the Faroese language.
Looking at the pieces is an invitation to loose yourself in a little daydream.

Picture: NEVER, Mixed Media Selfportrait July 2021

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Download my portfolios here. Just click button below. All files are in pdf format. All under 25MB.

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